Pre - Mt. Everest Expedition - 2014

Call for selection of "7 members team" for 1st Sikkim Mt. Everest Expedition -2015

Pre - Mt. Everest Expedition (Sponsored by IHCAE Chemchey, Government of Sikkim)

Indian Himalayan centre for Adventure & Ecotourism, Chemchey, South Sikkim is organizing 1st Sikkim Mount Everest Expedition 2015. The Selection for the same is open for all interested Sikkimese from today (12th Sept. 2014) onwards.

Please follow the following procedure for the same :

Eligibility :

Note :

For any clarification contact : e-mail / Mobile: 094341-17158

Detailed Procedure for Selection of 7 members team for 1st Sikkim Mt. Everest Expedition 2015 :

First Selection Trial Test to select member for Pre-Everest Expedition cum Advance Mountaineering Course ( from 8th Oct 2014 to 8th Nov 2014)

Applicants, whose application has been accepted will be allowed to participate in the selection trail test to be held at IHCAE Campus Chemchey on 1st Oct 2014, which will consist of the following :

Twenty four (24) members will be selected by above mentioned trial test, who will be taken for Pre-Everest Expedition cum Advance Mountaineering Course. This course will continue for about 32 days during which, whole team will first get short training in the Academy and then will be taken in the mountain and will climb a peak of more than 6000 meter altitude. During this whole procedure, participating members will be further tested for their strength, stamina, technical climbing skills and team spirit. Final team of six participants consisting of four male and two female (one seat reserved for team climbing leader, who will guide whole team to the peak of Mt. Everest) will be selected after 32 days of Pre-Everest cum Advance Mountaineering Course.

This final team of six participants (4 male members and two female members) and one climbing leader will go for Mt. Everest Expedition in 2015 and will attempt the peak.

Director IHCAE
Chemchey South Sikkim
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