Mountaineering Courses

"There is wisdom in climbing mountains... For they teach us how truly small we are." ― Jeff Wheeler, The Wretched of Muirwood

The sheer joy of mountaineering comes nothing short of perseverance and dedication. The exhausting climb to the peak is rewarding in its own way. Ask any true mountaineer, it's a feeling of achievement & ecstasy. Want to be on top of the world ?

You can start your adventure now!! Come feel the difference at IHCAE Sikkim & let the mountains bring out the best in you.

No one can truly fully fathom the awesomeness of these creations of nature. It seeks to inspire the attainment of that elusive peak, but it doesn't come easy. It demands exhaustive planning, big budgeting, specialized equipment, technical knowledge and expertise on mountain vegetation.

The Indian Himalayan Center for Adventure & Eco Tourism (IHCAE) Sikkim aims to introduce the youth, school children & enthusiasts alike to the Sikkim Himalayan mountains through its various Mountaineering courses.

The courses have been divided according to their specializations.

Adventure Course (Duration- 7 to 14 days)

Activities include :

The course is meant for anyone & everyone who is a lover of the mountains. You can join in both as an amateur & as an experienced climber and explore the rich diversity of the grand Himalayas. You will be exposed to outdoor activities like Camping, Trekking & White-water rafting, in the process making you physically fit & mentally tough. It helps to make you a better team player.

Other activities include Lectures, Cooking, Navigation, study of the vast flora and fauna, their conservation and a host of other exciting activities. Through these activities, you will definitely realize the true power of the Mountain ranges. It is an uncanny, yet fascinating & intriguing classroom of its own.

Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) (Duration - 28 days)

Activities include :

It is the foundation course where the trainees will be initiated into the world of Mountaineering. It teaches the basic techniques of rock climbing & Survival skills. Various aspects of mountaineering and its allied subjects, like Map reading, Weather forecasting, First-aid training & hazards of climbing are taught. It seeks to instill in the mind what a true climber should focus on, thus enabling them to understand mountaineering as an art rather than just a hobby. It builds self - confidence and seeks to attain higher things in life. Mountaineering in its true form is not a simple task. It has its share of health issues, especially in the higher altitudes. Handling them, avoiding the precarious hurdles & successfully completing a climb are the goals of this course. It makes the people aware of the majestic Himalayas & its awe-inspiring peak.Physical and mental conditioning of the body to endure extreme condition.

Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) (Duration - 30 days)

Activities include :

For the more adventurous, peaks of the Himalayas challenge the very rules of survival. With an average altitude of 18000 ft. and above, IHCAE Sikkim, welcomes you to a world of snow, jungles & Nature. AMC trains the trainees for becoming smart leaders and expedition members. It seeks to inspire a generation of climbers. This course is not for the feeble minded, they are vindicated of all charges. It is for the ones who want to put their endurance to test.

One is eligible for an AMC only if he/she had got an 'A' Grade in Basic Mountaineering Course from any of the recognized mountaineering institutes. It covers advanced techniques of rock craft and ice craft & focuses on expedition planning and execution.

The syllabus is precise. It seeks to sharpen the skills of a climbing enthusiast. Both theoretical and practical classes are taught by employing slide shows, white boards, audio visuals & other assessment techniques. It teaches the use of various mountain equipments which comes in handy in search & rescue missions.

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